Developer Onboarding 101 Trio Developers

It’s a chance for a manager to acknowledge work well done and provide coaching where needed. New hires need to know what they are doing right so they can do more of it. Conversely, they need timely guidance on what they can improve, so they can modify an ineffective approach.

Now we’ll show you exactly how to use Cacoo’s diagramming software to simplify and streamline your developer onboarding. Our supporting guides are our source of truth for all practices and patterns. We make these as easy to access as we can, so that links can be shared directly to the relevant content. Our developers continuously update these guides as they come across new issues or develop new patterns. Every development team has a different process for taking a feature from ticket to merged code.

Software Developer Onboarding 101

Developer diagrams help teams align on how their systems interact, from architecture and databases to modeling and sitemaps. At least, that was the case until I created the Zero-to-Deployed guide Working Across Time Zones: Pros, Cons, and Best Practices for our team. This guide has streamlined the onboarding process so that both existing and new team members can complete the necessary training and get up to speed as quickly as possible.

Successful developer onboarding focuses on reducing the time to first commit. Onboarding is an opportunity for companies and new employees to put their best foot forward. But in many ways, developer onboarding is fraught with challenges — a tidal wave of tools, outdated documentation, a jungle of bash scripts and bugs.


Customer responses help us examine issues in detail and improve cooperation with the developer. We always suggest that new employees do their first two to four weeks of employment on site, if possible. If you are a small company, this can be as simple as a lunch or coffee with the founder. However, if at all possible, this should happen in person–even for remote workers. Skill onboarding should take anywhere from 3 to 6 months, with monthly reviews every month to gauge progress. The benefits of using CAST Imaging for newcomers have been quantified by many clients from 20% to 40% reduction for the onboarding duration.

What does onboarding mean in UX?

User onboarding UX is the in-app experience of new users when they sign up to test or use your product. It's the way the product setup instructions and UI element signals make users feel when they begin using your product. Many users will come to your app with little knowledge of your app and how to use it.

Typically, this should happen as soon as your new tech team confirms offer acceptance. So, we are confident in recommending that a software engineer onboarding process can be modeled on our software developer onboarding checklist. Designate a manager or mentor to check in with a new hire every day for the first week or two. As employees become more settled in their roles, managers can let more time pass between check-ins—but rarely more than a week. Software developers and IT professionals need a regular opportunity to connect with their managers. These one-on-one meetings give employees a chance to ask questions, express concerns, share ideas and get feedback on projects.

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